Stuart McKeownHow to Always See Facebook Posts From Your Favourite Pages

Like Brands on Facebook

Whenever you like a page on Facebook you have essentially opted in to receiving updates or posts from that page in your Newsfeed. Unfortuantely Facebook has slowly been making changes over time to reduce the chance that you actually end up seeing these posts, to the point where brands now need to promote posts to reach 95% or more of their intended audience.

This is extremely frustrating for any brand, especially when you use Facebook to provide product updates or things that users need to see.

Fortunately, as a user there’s a few things you can do to improve the chances of these posts showing up in your news feed.

Subscribe to Notifications

After you like a page, the first thing you can do is to subscribe to notifications in the dropdown menu. This will ensure that you get notified of new posts via Facebook’s notifications feature.

However, we often don’t want to be notified by every post – so use this one only for the important pages you want updates from.

Facebook Notifications

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Stuart McKeownLessons Learned Growing to Over 100 Customers


Earlier last month we crossed an important milestone in the growth of Gleam – 100 paying customers in 5 months. It might not seem like many, but for us, it’s an important validation that we’re building something people get value from (and love using).

Gleam Growth

The great thing about what we’re about to show you is that we achieved this milestone without spending a cent on marketing; you could say that we growth hacked our way here, but honestly it was just months of hard work with lots of various elements all working together in various ways. A lot of the tactics that we’ve deployed should also help us scale far beyond 100 customers, this is something you’ll be able to identify when building your own products – things like agency plans, unlimited plans & yearly plans all help you reach certain goals faster (plus also give you more capital to play with).

If you watch 1 video this month, make sure you watch this video from Microconf 2013: Building The Perfect Bootstrapped Business by Jason Cohen

So, what did we do? How did we get here? You’re about to find out below. Enjoy.

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Stuart McKeownSimple Trick to Increase YouTube Subscribers by 400%

Increase YouTube Subscribers

Here at Gleam we’re always on the lookout for ways to help users grow the metrics that are important to them. YouTube is one of my favourite social networks, I personally think it has a long way to grow & really has a perfect model – content creators get paid to create awesome content.

The easiest way to get that content in front of more users is to either build an email list or grow the number of users that are subscribed to your channel.

Facebook Channel

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Stuart McKeownGrow Your Twitter Follower Numbers With These 40 Proven Tips

Increasing Twitter Followers Organically

How do I get more followers on Twitter? It could be for your own profile or a company profile that you manage. This is a question that comes around regularly, especially since we spend a lot of our time helping clients drive more engagement on Twitter.

In this post we’ll me looking at all the techniques you can personally implement to drive more organic growth of Twitter followers (outside normal Gleam promotions). There’s a lot here, so buckle up!

Ask Your Users to Follow You

I know this may seem trivial but it is often the best way to kick start your Twitter account. Simply ask users on existing channels to follow you on Twitter.

Good places to cross promote accounts:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Your Newsletter

Here’s a good example of cross promotion at the end of a YouTube video:

Social Cross Promotion on YouTube

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Stuart McKeownShould You Buy Facebook Likes?

Organic Facebook Likes

One question that comes up a lot when we talk with businesses is:

Should we buy Facebook Likes? Since we’re a new business we need to quickly appear more credible to potential users. Achieving this number via a contest or through Facebook ads directly could cost upwards of $1,000 & we don’t have that sort of money to spend.

And to be honest I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on your motive for buying the Likes in the first place.

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