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Stuart McKeownSlyde Handboards: Driving Growth By Giving Away Their Own Products

Slyde Handboards Case Study

What do you do when you successfully funded and delivered on a Kickstarter campaign? For many businesses that is merely the start of their journey from an idea into a fully fledged E-commerce business.

Slyde Handboards took a bit of a different approach. They launched their E-commerce business back in 2012 and used Kickstarter as a platform to launch new products to market.

In 2014 Slyde Handboards reached their goal of $21k in just 21 days for the launch of their Phish Handboard. Success on kickstarter now meant that Slyde could now fund the production of this new product and sell it to the world via their online store.

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Stuart McKeown10 Ways To Grow Your E-Commerce Sales Using Gleam

Growing E-Commerce Stores With Gleam

Gleam attracts a large number of E-Commerce businesses looking for ways to grow their revenue. With such a wide range of features and applications it can sometimes be overwhelming to get started.

This guide aims to end that problem, today we’re going to give you our top 10 tips for using Gleam to drive E-Commerce growth. These are campaign ideas actively being used by other stores around the world to drive growth.

So make a cup of tea and enjoy ☺

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Stuart McKeownDriving 20k Social Actions From A Blog Post In 6 Days

Shopify Case Study

Back in June, Shopify embarked on one of the most impressive pieces of content marketing I’ve witnessed this year.

The team built an E-Commerce business completely from scratch, generated close to $1,000 of revenue then used Gleam to giveaway the complete business to one lucky person from the Shopify community.

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Stuart McKeownThe Pros & Cons Of Working From Home

Working From Home

So I’ve been working from home for almost a year now, and I’ve always wanted to reflect on the experience. The reason being, is that working from home seems to be a liberty that many want to experience (being free from the reigns of corporate shackles and all that) – but it’s not until you experience it that you begin to understand that it may or may not be for you.

1 in 12 Australians currently work from home. What are some of your top tips for staying sane?

In this post I’m going to cover what I feel are the pros and cons to working from home, please bear in mind that the perspective I’m coming from here is:

  • Working on my own company
  • Living in Australia
  • Married with 2 kids
  • Wife is a SAHM

So some of the things I experience may be different than your own situation (say for example you’re a single person working at home for a corporate company). But hopefully it still translates ☺

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Stuart McKeown36 Small Business Growth Marketing Tips

Small Business Growth Tips

Driving awareness for your small business can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. How do you find the time to work on growth when you have all the other aspects of the business to worry about?

The unfortunate thing is that you need to think about growth all the time. The fortunate thing, is that there’s plenty of ways to think about it, and plenty of tactics you can experiment with.

I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses over the last 10 years, helping them execute everything from the most simple to the most detailed marketing strategies. Most recently I helped setup the SEO product at Australia’s largest marketing services provider for small business. So I understand some of the challenges that many of you have.

In this guide I’m going to take you through 36 actionable growth strategies that you can learn from, and implement in your own business. Not everything here will work for everybody, the key point is that it helps you get into an experimental growth mindset.

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