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Gleam Case Studies

Come along on the Gleam journey with a few select businesses that have seen incredible growth using our platform. Get a deep insight into how they ran their campaigns, what sort of action combinations they used & also the promotion strategies that lead to success.

Ahron BurstinRunning The Perfect Holiday Giveaway With Adore Me

The Perfect Holiday Giveaway

If you operate in retail then you know that your sales will fluctuate throughout the year. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re selling; some periods will be quieter, and some will be a lot busier. A florist will be

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Stuart McKeown2M+ Social Actions From 1 Campaign at ESL Cologne

2M Social Actions in 7+ Days

We’ve seen a phenomenal rise in the number of eSports campaigns being run on the Gleam platform over the last several years. Ranging from teams, streamers, tournament holders through to hardware manufacturers, software and events management. Every once in a

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Stuart McKeownHow To Smash Your Kickstarter Funding Goal by 700% With Contests

Growing Kickstarter With Contests

Running a Kickstarter is a fantastic way to validate your product with a market that is willing to give you money to develop it. It removes a lot of the barriers to launch that entrepreneurs typically face: Greatly reduces your

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Stuart McKeownGrowing An E-Commerce Email List By 4.1k Subscribers With Just $75

I get a lot of emails from customers who are just starting to grow their business asking for advice on how to drive more activity in their campaigns. The reality is that many take shortcuts, throw up a basic campaign

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Stuart McKeownHow To Make An Extra 200k Per Year With One Opt-in Form

2016 is a wonderful year to be a marketer. Great software is enabling anyone to deploy and scale campaigns like never before, usually without the need of complex internal development resources. We’re seeing an increasing trend of just being able

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Stuart McKeownSlyde Handboards: Driving Growth By Giving Away Their Own Products

What do you do when you successfully funded and delivered on a Kickstarter campaign? For many businesses that is merely the start of their journey from an idea into a fully fledged E-commerce business. Slyde Handboards took a bit of

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Stuart McKeownDriving 20k Social Actions From A Blog Post In 6 Days

Back in June, Shopify embarked on one of the most impressive pieces of content marketing I’ve witnessed this year. The team built an E-Commerce business completely from scratch, generated close to $1,000 of revenue then used Gleam to giveaway the

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Marcus Poh10% E-Commerce Conversion Increase With 1 Line Of Code

As a retailer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With connectivity at our fingertips, consumers are being assaulted with promotions like never before. Promotions land in our inboxes, mobile devices, on billboards, on our computers

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Stuart McKeownUsing Contests to Drive Insane Advertiser Value on Blogs

As a publisher it can often be difficult to come up with creative strategies to drive value for advertisers. This could be in the form of sponsored posts, reviews, banners or even posts on social networks. However, many of these

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Stuart McKeownShe Shopped Helps Partners Grow With Gleam

Up until now, many of the case studies that we’ve published here have been very focused on a brand or single businesses that runs their own campaigns. We also have a lot of clients that let other businesses leverage their

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Stuart McKeownWet Shave Club – From $0 to $100k Revenue in 6 Months

It seems like every day now there’s a different type of subscription box company popping up. Consumers really enjoy receiving monthly boxes of product that they love. For example, our friends over at Loot Crate have been generating crazy results

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Stuart McKeownMarketing a Successful Kickstarter With Contests

Bill & Nate from Catan boards needed a solution to run their Decemeber contest, Gleam helped them double their social following, email list & contributed to a 300% increase in revenue for their busiest month of the year.

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Stuart McKeownBeardBrand’s Huge Growth With Gleam

Beardbrand used Gleam in November to kickstart their business into overdrive, see how Gleam contributed to their biggest sales day ever, doubled their social following & cemented their brand as a leader in the mens grooming space.

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