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Stuart McKeownUsing Gleam For Instagram Competitions

  • Wednesday, July 17, 2013   - Get post updates via email + a special bonus growth hack here
This guide is currently outdated, please see our more recent posts on Instagram.

It’s official, we’ve just added Instagram as one of our supported social networks inside Gleam. This means that you can now use Instagram actions when running competitions or activating rewards.

The current actions we support via Instagram:

Follow a User on Instagram

In your competition you can ask entrants to follow a user on Instagram, you can add as many as you like. Or just yourself 🙂

Follow on Instagram

When a user clicks on the entry method, we ask them to login via the API. Once they do this, all the rest of the Instagram actions can be completed in just a single click.

Instagram Login

We perform the action on behalf of the user & we’re done.

Successful Follow

Like a Photo on Instagram

Popular Photos drive more followers & brand interactions (especially if they contain a product). Similar to following a user above you can add any image from Instagram then ask users to like it as an entry into your competition.

Instagram Photo

Submit a Photo or Video From an Instagram Feed

This is the entry method we’re most excited about. You can now use Gleam to run photo submission contests via Instagram.

This particular option is also open for daily entries, so you can drive more users to come back each day & submit a different photo.

Submit a Photo

Simply decide what you would like the user to take a photo of, then when they authenticate their Instagram feed they’ll be able to select it for submission into the contest.

Submit a Photo of Your Dog

And it’s as easy as that. Simply signup for an account to get started with your next Instagram competition 🙂

Stuart McKeown

Stuart McKeown is one of the Co-founders here at Gleam. Shoot a Tweet to @thegyppo if you liked this post ☺

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