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Stuart McKeownHow To Smash Your Kickstarter Funding Goal by 700% With Contests

Running a Kickstarter is a fantastic way to validate your product with a market that is willing to give you money to develop it.

It removes a lot of the barriers to launch that entrepreneurs typically face:

  • Greatly reduces your financial risk (there is a risk things can go over budget still)
  • Launching a fully completed product (only for it to fail)
  • Validating your market before launch
  • Gives you a platform to engage with your community before the product launches

So you’re about to launch your Kickstarter to the world, how can you use contests to drive engagement, sales and awareness about your product?

Aside from the planning and preparation of your product itself, the marketing strategy for growing your Kickstarter is a huge key component that many overlook. We talk a lot about not launching to crickets, and that your marketing campaign should begin well before your Kickstarter even launches.

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how one of our customers, Flyte Socks, managed to attract over 1,400 backers, smash their funding target by 700%, all on a shoestring budget.

Flyte Socks Funding Growth

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Stuart McKeownHow We Grew SaaS Inbound Traffic By 300% In 6 Months

During the second half of 2015 we put together a plan to dramatically increase the amount of inbound sales traffic to our SaaS marketing site.

In April we were averaging roughly 3,000 visits a day, all of this was coming via existing inbound marketing techniques. We knew that if we could increase this number that our daily customer signups should follow the same trajectory.

Analytics Growth

Our initial goal was to double this number in just 6 months, so by the end of 2015 we should have roughly double the number of users hitting our sales site, and double the number of users signing up to use our product – Gleam.

Our plan was to attempt to do this with entirely organic growth. No paid acquisition sources, just traffic that we could scale without needing to scale ongoing budgets.

But where do you start? What kind of activity do you focus on? How much content should you write?

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Stuart McKeownGrowing An E-Commerce Email List By 4.1k Subscribers With Just $75

I get a lot of emails from customers who are just starting to grow their business asking for advice on how to drive more activity in their campaigns.

The reality is that many take shortcuts, throw up a basic campaign (with a generic prize) and think that dumping budget into Facebook Ads is enough to start traction.

Building a brand from scratch is hard and running a promotional campaign can be just as tough. Which is why we always recommend spending at least 70% of your build time on a solid proper promotional strategy.

So what do you do if you have less than $100 and just your own time to spare to make a campaign successful?

In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how one of our customers, Greenbelly, managed to drive over 4.1k new email subscribers with a budget of just $75. And they didn’t spend a single cent on advertising.

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Stuart McKeownThe Ultimate Guide To Running A Contest On Facebook

This guide was last updated on 21st March 2016 and is considered accurate.

Over the years Facebook has changed and evolved as a platform in the ways it allows you to administer contests. There’s been a few considerable changes in recent years:

In this guide we’ll take you through all of the available options at your disposal when running a Facebook contest, the rules you need to abide by and what some of the most commonly used approaches are.

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Stuart McKeownThe 5 Content Pillars That Drive 95% Of Our Inbound Leads

Content is the core of how we drive growth here at Gleam, 95% of our customers come from some form of inbound marketing (and we spend very little on paid advertising).

Writing great content is an investment that you make. Good content will continue to bring customers for years to come.

Take this Prelaunch guide that I wrote over a year ago. To date it has driven over 40k inbound visitors, 25% of which will end up delving deeper into understanding what our product is.

Pre-launch Analytics

Imagine if we could replicate the same success with 25 more guides? That’d be 1M visitors per year from just 25 posts.

In the last 12 months we’ve grown our yearly inbound visitor totals to 1.5M+ users. We’ve also grown our daily paid signups by 250%. We can attribute most of these increases to content, and in this post I’ll walk you through the types of content we focus on to get results.

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