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Stuart McKeownThe Ultimate Guide To Running A Contest On Facebook

This guide was last updated on 21st March 2016 and is considered accurate.

Over the years Facebook has changed and evolved as a platform in the ways it allows you to administer contests. There’s been a few considerable changes in recent years:

In this guide we’ll take you through all of the available options at your disposal when running a Facebook contest, the rules you need to abide by and what some of the most commonly used approaches are.

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Stuart McKeownThe 5 Content Pillars That Drive 95% Of Our Inbound Leads

Content is the core of how we drive growth here at Gleam, 95% of our customers come from some form of inbound marketing (and we spend very little on paid advertising).

Writing great content is an investment that you make. Good content will continue to bring customers for years to come.

Take this Prelaunch guide that I wrote over a year ago. To date it has driven over 40k inbound visitors, 25% of which will end up delving deeper into understanding what our product is.

Pre-launch Analytics

Imagine if we could replicate the same success with 25 more guides? That’d be 1M visitors per year from just 25 posts.

In the last 12 months we’ve grown our yearly inbound visitor totals to 1.5M+ users. We’ve also grown our daily paid signups by 250%. We can attribute most of these increases to content, and in this post I’ll walk you through the types of content we focus on to get results.

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Stuart McKeownHow To Make An Extra 200k Per Year With One Opt-in Form

2016 is a wonderful year to be a marketer. Great software is enabling anyone to deploy and scale campaigns like never before, usually without the need of complex internal development resources.

We’re seeing an increasing trend of just being able to drop in some Javascript code on your site then being able to manage every aspect of the campaign without ever having to make code related changes again.

For the past 9 months Daniel from Bride & Groom Direct has driven more than €200k from a campaign that took him little more than 10 minutes to implement with Gleam Captures.

And this was the only code he had to drop on his site:

<script src="" async="async"></script>

Example code only, won’t actually work if you try to put it on your own site.

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Stuart McKeown2015 Year in Review: Building A Fast Growing Bootstrapped Business

It hardly feels like any time at all since I wrote this post last year.

A lot has happened in those 12 months, but at the same time, I don’t feel like much has changed about the way that we’re doing things (which in a way is good).

You see, one of the fears I personally have as a founder is that, as you grow, things just start becoming becoming…..unwieldy.

You need to hire good people, there’s more pressure, there’s more potential points of failure, you feel like development slows down as your app becomes more complex and then there’s more distractions from keeping you focused on the task at hand.

A key part of how you grow is learning how to handle all this stuff, it’s stuff that you didn’t envision you might need to do when you started building your app – back then all you needed to worry about was getting traction. Now that you have traction you need to adapt to whatever the world decides to throw at you on a given day (we’re a resilient bunch).

I’m really excited in this post to share some of the key milestones that we crossed this year, what we tried (and failed) plus some exciting new stuff we’re working for for 2016.

See some of the tactics @Gleamapp used in 2015 to grow revenue by over 300%

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Stuart McKeown14 Upsides Of Being An Australian Startup

Over a year ago I wrote a piece on how being an Australian startup sucks. There were a lot of factors during that period that I felt strongly about, particularly being a relatively new startup in the Australian space.

Almost 18 months later I feel like Australia has made huge headway at putting ourselves on the map when it comes to being a great place to build a startup.

Here’s some of the reasons why.

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